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      This space has been created for kids that are beginning to cook or for those that are showing an interest in cooking. Not long ago I found my very first cookbook, I ordered  it when I was a little girl, among my mother's recipes in an old metal bread box. It was just the beginning for me as I learned to cook with my mom. I am so glad she kept that little cookbook so I could share it with my own grandkids. It's the joy of cooking with mom, dad or grandparents that make memories so special.

     Some of the recipes will be simple for kids to do and some will require ADULT supervision. All ADULTS should help a child read the recipe first to make sure all the ingredients are available and the type of supervision that will be needed for the recipe. Most of these recipes will need ADULTS to help with measuring, cooking on top of the stove or help with getting baked things out of the oven. Kids can learn to be careful in the kitchen, if given the proper training to use kitchen tools and the stove. Just have a little patience during this learning process.

     In my younger years I had 4-H, girl scouts and the FHA (Future Homemakers of America) which were offered in grade school through high school. Of course, the best teacher of all was good old mom! Most moms during my childhood didn't work outside the home. 

     Now, I would like to help your child that has a desire to cook. I know most moms have to work but with the help of your children, maybe your child can help make the evening meal a little easier by helping in the kitchen.

This space is for my grandchildren and you, so enjoy.

Have a great day and come back anytime to look around for new ideas and new recipes! This section is in the growing stage.

Thank you for visiting and come back anytime!

Granny Ann


Cooking is fun.

Find a recipe and carefully read it. Assemble the ingredients and equipment that will be needed. Be sure you have an ADULT present to help you at all times.


Always use hot pads or potholders when cooking or baking and make sure an ADULT is there to help you.

Always wash your hands before you start to cook! Use soap and water, clean all parts of your hands really good.

Don't forget: Help clean up after you have finished baking or cooking. Mom & Dad will like that and so will your grandparents.

Best of all, Have Fun and Enjoy!
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