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                      Welcome to my
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   The cookie recipes selected, are the ones that have been fixed over the years for my family and friends. Now, that my kids have grownup with children of their own, my grandkids are enjoying them too. Maybe, you will find a recipe or two that your family will enjoy as well.

Most of these cookie recipes have been handed down from one mom to another over the years. Everyone had their favorite and of course, as a young mother back then, we all exchanged recipes and tried to make improvements when we made them the next time. The best part of baking is getting to test your own creations out on your family first. Sometimes, you make it big and sometimes you don't. But, that is the joy of cooking!

 Some cookie recipes that have been included in this section were handwritten by my mother and handed down to me. My mother loved to bake and collect recipes from everyone she met and cut recipes out of any magazine or newspaper she read. My mom's breadbox was packed full of recipes that date back to the 1950's. I still have my very first cookbook from Imperial Pure Cane Sugar. My sister is an excellent cook as well and some of her recipes have been included through out my website. I know you will enjoy one or maybe two of the cookie recipes found here. 

Don't forget to have that cup of coffee, tea or glass of milk when you serve a fresh baked batch for your family or office!
Granny Ann

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