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Holiday Ideas

Welcome to the holiday section. There will be a page with recipes for each season or holiday theme and a link will be added when each page has been completed.

Valentines, Easter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each of these have a special meaning and hope they do for you as well.  

In January we celebrate a New Year and put all the Christmas decorations away.    February is the sweet-heart month. Not only for Valentines but, for your real heart. Don't forget your yearly check-up!   March is usually the "windy" month and it's trying to leave winter behind and get ready for spring.     April brings spring showers for the month of May.     And May is known for the end of the school year and graduations.     June is vacation and weddings.     July we celebrate our nation's birthday and more vacations!     August is the closing of summer vacation and getting ready to start school again.     September brings in the football season and cooler weather.      October and November starts the fall seasons. Leaves changing colors and going to sleep for the winter.     December is the end of another year, winter holidays for the school kids and Christmas!

    I enjoy the holidays as it brings families together and there is alot of good food to eat.  

    If the weather is good, grandkids get to play outside as the grown-ups watch football. If the weather is bad then the grandkids play inside and entertain each other with games, i-phones, puzzles, workbooks or someone reading them a story. 

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

Granny Ann