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There are times when you just need a quick and easy dessert to make for a family dinner, office party or a school function. You have worked all day and the last thing you want to hear is "Mom, I need cookies for school tomorrow" or "Ann, would you mind bringing a dessert for lunch tomorrow, Mary-Beth was going to, but she has an emergency in her family and can't?"  What do you do? 

   Well, here you will find some quick and easy recipes with a few that will take a little time to fix for that last minute dessert. You are crunched for time, but when you look into those precious eyes of that little person with a plea of, 'please, oh, please, mommy'.  (This is good for all those single dads as well) Your heart melts and you realize you can do this, together. 

   The squeals of excitement fills the kitchen and then it happens. Your little one says something that makes your heart soar when you hear, "thanks mom or thanks dad!" But, don't let them off the hook just yet and leave you will all the work to do. Give them the opportunity to help so you won't be stuck doing it all. After all, they did wait until the last minute. 

   Have fun and enjoy this special time together. Before you know it, and way too soon, they have left home and those moments of laughter and fun will be gone, until the grandkids arrive!

Have a great day!

Granny Ann
Quick Ideas

Brownies - Box Mix
Serve plain or with an icing & pecans

Cakes - Box Mix and a can of frosting

Use a Frozen Pie Crust and Pie filling

Use Graham Cracker Pie Crust

Purchase from the Bakery only if you do not have time at all!

Homemade is so much better than store bought any day!