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Eggs In A Basket

Texas Toast (1 slice for each person) with center cut out  (Use a biscuit cutter to cut out the center of the bread)
Butter Melted to coat toast on both sides
1 egg for each slice of toast                                               

Cut out center of each slice of toast with a biscuit cutter. In a large skillet over medium heat place one or two slices of Texas Toast that has been butter on both sides. Put a small slice of butter in center of hole and add one egg to center also; salt & pepper to desired taste.      

After egg and toast have browned, turn toast over to brown the egg and toast on the other side. Make sure the white of the egg is cooked well and not runny.           

Serve plain or with maple syrup or honey.

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Granny Ann

Cooking is fun.

Find a recipe and carefully read it. Assemble the ingredients and equipment that will be needed. Be sure you have an ADULT present to help you at all times.


Always use hot pads or potholders when cooking or baking and make sure an ADULT is there to help you.

Always wash your hands before you start to cook! Use soap and water, clean all parts of your hands really good.

Don't forget: Help clean up after you have finished baking or cooking. Mom & Dad will like that and so will your grandparents.

Best of all, Have Fun and Enjoy!
NOTE:   All ADULTS should help a child read the recipe first to make sure all the ingredients are available and the type of supervision that will be needed for each recipe.