Pizza Bread

French Bread (enough for each person to have 2 slices)
1-2 Jars of Pizza Sauce or Spaghetti Sauce (Both taste good)
1 Package of Mozzarella cheese (Sliced or shredded)
1-2 Packages of sliced Pepperoni
(Other topping if you want like, olives, onion, bell pepper, etc)

Slice French Bread length way in half. Place sliced bread on a foiled lined baking sheet. Spread each slice of bread with sauce. 

Place slices of pepperoni and other toppings if you want, then place slices or shredded mozzarella on each slice of bread. (Also try Canadian Bacon, fried crumbled bacon or cooked Italian sausage, etc.)

Put Pizza Bread into the oven and bake until cheese melts.  Be careful not to burn the cheese. When done remove from oven and slice French Bread into serving size for each person.

P.S. If you have teenagers you will need more than 1 package of French Bread to meet their appetite. This is so good!!

Granny Ann

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How to make buttermilk when you don't have any or don't use buttermilk daily.

USE 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar plus sweet milk to make 1 cup (let stand for 5 minutes before using)

The pre-packaged cornbread mixes are very good and they are quick & easy to fix in a pinch. Just try different brands until you find one you like. Of course, nothing is as good as homemade cornbread.

I had to find this recipe again as my computer must have eaten the original I had saved!! Anyway, I found my mom's copy in her handwriting which she had written a note at the top of this recipe that I had given to her many, many years ago, " I like this respee". Yes, I know it is misspelled. My mom didn't get an education, but she was the smartest, most knowledgeable, caring, loving, and giving person I have met. She wanted to name me Patricia when I was born, but she didn't pronounce it correctly and after the nurses kept correcting her to the point of frustration, she got mad and told them to change my name to, Anna Mae. I sure do miss her. My mom, she was the best! Love you.