Granny Ann's Home Cooking

 Granny Ann's Home Cooking!

 I am so glad you are here today. 
Make yourself at home. 

Have you ever wished for a simple recipe to make in minutes?
Well, you have come to the right place. Here you will 
find quick and easy recipes, desserts and helpful hints for
everyday cooking. These recipes are from my mom's and 
my mother-in-law's old recipe boxes that are packed full of
great recipes. Some of my own creations have been included, too.
       Looking through all the old recipes I found in an old bread box, many  were handwritten by my mother.  I have preserved those by putting them in an album for safe keeping.
    Cooks, like my mom did not have measuring cups, spoons and all the special equipment we have today. The measurements back then were done by sight and by the palm of their hand. Oh my, what wonderful cooks those women were during my childhood. Still have a few around today, but not many. I have to give my sistermy mother-in-law and sister-in-laws some credit too. They are wonderful cooks as well!
     Now that I am a "Granny", I enjoy baking with the grandkids and making memories with them. I have included a KID'S CORNER just for kids that have an interest in baking and cooking with their parents or grandparents. The kids will find some tips that will help them in the kitchen and recipes they can do with the guidance of an adult. More recipes and ideas will be added for them as new things come up.
Hope you enjoy browsing and maybe, you might find something your mother or grandmother fixed when you were a kid 'way back when'.

I dedicate this website to my wonderful mother that I miss very much. She taught me values, kindness toward others, doing what was right, not to lie or you will be caught, and cooking! Thanks for loving me.
 Have a great day!
Granny Ann

Dedicated to my
 Precious Mom
1909 - 1988 

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NOTE:          I would like to apology to my viewers. i had a stroke on 9/6/2020 and not been able to take care of my updates. I have forgotten how to edit my pages but with time I will get things done again. thank you for your patience.                                                                                      Granny Ann